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The Environment pollution has been regarded as one of the most important risks that threaten the man's health and natural resources, as a basic resource for man to stay surviving. The source of the environment pollution can be attributed to activities or practices that would not take the necessary measures and precautions into consideration by certain projects such as factories, power stations, oil means of transportation, hospitals, residential and commercial complexes, etc., and the resulted gas, liquid, and hard waste hazards which are not treated or drained by using the appropriate methods.
The problem of environment pollution became global because its effect can be spread from the default country to other areas. Therefore, much more attention has been given globally by several countries through the studies and researches conducted by such countries in order to overcome such a problem. In fact, several conferences, symposiums, conventions, etc., have been conducted in addition to the role of media basically aimed to guide and direct us and have good impact on the decision makers in order to work for taking the necessary precautions to protect our environment from pollution.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented by Presidency of Metrology Environment (PME), and other concerned authorities have a very important role in studying the pollution problems, environment and a group of programs and arrangements aimed to have guidance and find better solutions and mechanisms and to activate the regulations and systems to monitor the performance of different activities, determine the pollution sources, implement the best methods and means to protect our environment from all types of pollution.  The public Environmental Law Was enacted by Royal Decree No. M/34 dated 28/7/1422 Hejri (corresponding to16 October 2001)
The Public Environmental Law creates a general regulatory framework for the development and enforcement of environmental  rules and regulations, and assigns general responsibility for this to the Presidency of Meteorology and Environmental Protection (the 'PME').
In order to cope with the government guided role and the scientific research centers of national universities, the private sector has had its supporting role in such a field.

musaelab_musa Group for Environment & Trade Services  and Information Systems, a Saudi national Group which was developed from a single establishment in 2001 to its present status; is honored to render its environment services such as studies, consulting, and strategies in cooperation with Mustafa Environment Consulting Center. 
The musaelab_musa Group believed that the Environment Consulting and studies require us to rely on very accurate results and findings to be offered by the specialist laboratories to measure and monitor the air, water and soil quality. Our very lab has been licensed by the PME and registered with Ministry of Commerce. The lab has been equipped with the most sophisticated instruments and qualified staff based on the international standards in order to enable the lab to get the most accurate results necessary for achieving comprehensive solutions for different projects and to employ the most appropriate technologies to protect our environment from various pollutants created by the private and public sectors' different activities.